Frequently asked questions

How is the UK Power-Facelift Treatment/ Victoria Wrinkle Reduction Treatment carried out?
Firstly, professional consultants will give you a detailed scan and skin analysis. After that, the consultants will decide on the relevent treatment based on individual needs. This is to help improve your skin's metabolism rate and promote generation of new collagen.

We use natural ways to carry out the treatment, no injections, no surgery, but it can solve your wrinkle problems and give results of a firm and younger face.

Is the UK Power-Facelift/ Victoria Wrinkle Reduction Treatment effective?
It takes immediate effect. You will look younger with a firmer face immediately after the treatment, and ageing is delayed by 50%. You will be significantly younger than your peers after treatment.

Does the effect last?
Skin is effectively firmed and lifted after one treatment. If treatment is done regularly, the effect will last.

Is it painful? Would there be scars? Would there be side effects?
No pain. No surgery. No scars. No side effects. Our formula uses natural ingredients that are safe and effective.

How long does each session take?
Each session can take up to 2 hours.

Is the UK Power-Facelift Treatment/ Wrinkle Reduction Treatment suitable for both men and women?
Yes, for both men and women

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